i havent even had time to watch the episode yet but

something kinda plain to get the urge to draw her out

i tried using photoshop instead of sai to do well everything for the first time ever

i will be sticking with sai for a little (lot) longer

haha ok ok its posing/blurring practice

lol took a break from fanart to try and design some characters

actually all but 1 of these are just rehashes of old characters

best lobster in the seven seas

lol i should really start to use references when drawing poses like this

samekichi kiss your cute girlfriend before i do

i couldnt do hw bc the school website was down so i dooldled some samewada \o/

eek im sorry if im reposting this there was a really weird power outage when i was uploading last time and idk if the last one uploaded but i ended up changing things while working on battery power so. if it did ill just delete it

i will forever hc blue sea stella as an idol wannabe

best foster mom a sea witch could ask for

will i sometime stop making circles my go-to bg choice???? we just dont know

i hate the red witch ending but this is what practicing sitting turned out as

honestly im just trying to draw as much as possible before monday

really really quick happy pre-war sisters